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UnResolved, The Blessings of a ReSolved Lifestyle

“I would like to personally commend you for stepping out on faith and moving into your Kingdom assignment. As you go higher in your endeavors, always commit your plans to God, that they will be successful not only your lifetime, but for generations to come.”

---Bishop Eddie L. Long

Lithonia, GA

“Wishes you the best with your project.”

---Dr. Tony Evans Office

Houston, TX

“We commit to you our prayers that God will open doors of opportunity to allow you to maximize all that He ordained for you.”

--The Executive Office of Bishop T.D. Jakes, Sr.

Dallas, TX

“Of course, you can, and I’m very proud of you for accepting the task (God’s gift to write) with such vigor. Your books will be great. Bravo, bravo. My prayers are that each and every time your hands touch a pencil or pen, the thoughts flow upon the paper liken the abundance of water over a fall. Your words will inspire the hearts of millions.”

--Greg, Metro Atlanta, GA


A must read that will open the reader's eyes. The author wrote, "The goal of this book is to enlighten and remind the reader a successful life cannot be processed quickly as if it was a microwave meal. Instead, sometimes life is comparable to cooking in a crock pot; a hot, slow, and uncertain process." This book guides the reader from a state of unresolved issues in his or her life to a point where he or she can move forward to a resolved state of contentment and peace. It provides a road-map to move from an unresolved state to a resolved state. The reader is taken on a journey through such issues as unforgiveness (how to forgive and move forward); developmental stages and events in our early years and their impact on us today; implications of telling the truth versus lies; and resilience and peace. These are just some of the areas of discussion because the book covers much more. It was written as a tool to be used in Christian Education Programs and as a means for teaching Christian education. If you have challenges praying, don't worry, each chapter has a sample prayer and worksheet for the different stages in a person's life. The author's intent is to provide a road-map to assist, guide, and lead an individual with moving forward from unresolved issues in his/her life to a resolved life filled with blessings.

rrice - Conyers, Ga.

Unresolved : The Blessings of a Resolved Lifestyle is a superb woven tapestry of love and relationships in the greatest capacity with a solid biblical foundation. Whether the relationship is between parent and child or a bittersweet romantic interest, the author grasps the negative deception and heartbreak. Then it is reciprocated into an awakening experience to grow the reader closer to his/her first true love, Jesus Christ. This book is great for personal use or church ministry with personal prayers and a convenient note taking section.

The author, Wanda J.R. Prowell encourages the reader to know they are not alone with relationship hurdles. With a few of her life experiences sprinkled so delicately throughout the novel, the reader will become emotionally involved, learn a thing or two, and experience the astounding moment of "Ah-ha! I told you so!" which make this a book hard to put down. I was genuinely inspired as a daughter, mother, and wife.   Cheers to you, Wanda! I am enthusiastically anticipating your next book.

LouEllaSmith, AKA – Starkville, MS


UnResolved, The Blessings of a Resolved Lifestyle is very refreshing and an open approach to an age-old problem. It provides practical and godly solutions to the Christian Community at a time seems to have lost its way. Those who read this publication with an open mind and a willing heart will find clear directions to becoming better and stronger individuals, which in turn will result in better relationship skills. Therefore, I believe this publication will take its place along / beside other great books that have done so much to assist and improve family life in Christendom.  As Wanda’s Pastor for more than 18 years, I watched her face many personal and family challenges that could have destroyed her. However, through her abiding faith in God, I watched her live out the participles she sets forth in this book. Wanda never allowed her personal challenges to lessen her desire to serve God and her fellow man. During her tenure as a member of Maranatha, she served in various ministry capacities. It is exciting and rewarding to me as a pastor, to witness her success as an overcoming Christian as she has turned her advertise into a clear pathway for others to follow. It is my sincere prayer that God will continue to favor her with His divine wisdom in this and all of her future endeavors for the Kingdom.

Former Pastor

S. Jamison,   Columbus, MS

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