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Family ReUNION

Family Re-Union is an awesome book that speaks on true family values from a biblical perspective. I love the way she relates a person birth order to their personality. This is a great book for those wanting to come more in tune of their role in their family.

Martha S.

Elementary School Counselor

Wanda Prowell’s dynamic book, Family Reunion, provides insight on the sociological aspects of the family system. In a time and era where the concept of family is diminished due to hectic time frames and changing societal dynamics, Family Reunion is a reminder of how important it is to honor family in the spaces we hold in society. It’s a read of major importance and appreciation.

Dr. Kitsy Dixon

Slidell, La

Mental Illness Therapist

Family Reunion offers great insight and practical approaches to creating and maintaining healthy family relationships. After reading this book, you will feel equipped and encouraged of reconnecting/engaging with the family in such a way that it will have a lasting impact for generations to come. It is a good resource for couples starting their families.

Minister, Rhonda Scott

Senior Staff Department Head

Certified Educator

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