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November, 2016

For Immediate Release

Family Re-Union

Excellent Reference Text: Sociology, Psychology, Culture & Diversity, Family Studies, Family and Consumer Sciences, Extension Agents, Parenting, Youth Mentoring Organizations, and Family ReUNION Events

FAMILY RE-UNION  (Library of Congress Control Number: 2011917684 -

ISBN 978-0-692-40526-0)

just released by Resolved-2010, LLC . An excellent book that embraces home, school, and workplace diversity.

FAMILY RE-UNION considers the family as a whole. There are patterns of behaviors and relationships that exist within the family in which each member and community are affected by the behavior of other family members. Family Systems tend toward equilibrium and will react to change in one part by seeking equilibrium by restoring the old system or creating a new one. The family system theory can be a very effective approach for regulating and unifying family discipline and support; but at the same time could be damaging if family members are not open minded, resourceful, respectful, and authentic. These two levels of family commitments help us to understand why respect, not acceptance, and love are two most valuable psychological attitudes for all family members. Family Re-Union, provide strategies to adult family members for developing exceptional “in family” leadership skills and characteristics that strengthen family unit and preserve the integrity of our society.

Strong families are not magical, they require making tough decisions. Strong families must be committed, honest, respectful, fair, and give unconditional love regardless of race, gender, or creed. Peer pressure is stronger in adulthood than adolescence. Humility and communication are powerful relationships tools.

It is our honor to offer this family leadership publication to foster healthy relationships among family members, schools, communities, and workplace environments.

Published by RESOLVED-2010, LLC 

November 4, 2011

For Immediate Release

School Readiness for Parents & Children, K-12

School Readiness for Parents & Children, K-12

 (Library of Congress Control Number: 2011917684 

 ISBN 978-0-615-54346-8)

Just released by Resolved-2010, LLC Publishing House,

An exciting book offering pro-active solutions to common behavioral issues that arises in the classrooms that affects long term careers. While living in a mobile society, many parents and guardians are not aware of the essence of their involvement and the information that has been made available to them. This book is written in a teacher friendly voice, an easy to read format. Wanda writes in conversation style to enable kinship communication. 

Many readers will want to carry this book in their purses, pocket, brief case for ongoing at home, office and leisure conversations. School Readiness for Parent & Children, K-12 is written for all schools and organizations. Our children must be successful! If these principles are applied, students will soar in their families, communities, college and professional careers. Includes a career development unit with sample portfolio documents required for college registration and entrance level employment.BUY NOW!

Parental involvement is “Key.”

Resolved-2010, LLC is thrilled to make this exclusive offer available to families. Author, Wanda J.R. Prowell, a native of Columbus, Mississippi now resides in the Metro Atlanta, Georgia area. A current high school teacher and has been a Family and Consumer Science educator for over 20 years, early childhood entrepreneur, community leader, and youth director for several years. 

Wanda’s background makes this book an excellent choice for: Parents, Administrators, Department of Education, Parenting Education, Christian Education, PTA- Parent and Teacher Association, Counselors, Resource Officers, Coaches, and anyone who is mentoring the success of students. School Readiness for Parents & Children, K-12 is available for $12.00 per copy and is available for purchase,, or email at Ingram Book Company, the largest book wholesaler in the nation, makes it available to all retailers at over 25,000 physical retail locations.

It is the opinion of many parents and educators that this book will inspire and provide pro-active solutions for successful students.

Published by RESOLVED-2010, LLC 

July 1, 2010

For Immediate Release

UnResolved, The Blessings of a ReSolved Lifestyle

UnResolved, The Blessings of a Resolved Lifestyle

 (ISBN 978-1-58909-745-2)

Just released by Bookstand Publishing, is an exciting book offering practical and biblical advice on resolving those key issues of the heart which hold us back in our families and in our most important relationships. “

We are thrilled that we can offer UnResolved, The Blessings of a ReSolved Lifestyle to the Christian community,” says Andrew Baldwin, Publisher of Bookstand Publishing.

Author Wanda J.R. Prowell, a native of Columbus, Mississippi and who currently lives in the Peach state of Georgia, has been a family educator, high school teacher and Christian youth leader.

“Wanda’s background makes this book an excellent choice for pastors, youth leaders, Sunday school teachers and anyone looking for a solid Bible based approach to family relationships,” said Baldwin. UnResolved, The Blessings of a ReSolved Lifestyle retails for $14.95 and is available for purchase on Amazon,, Google Books and

The book is available through Ingram Book Company, the largest book wholesaler in the nation, making it available on all major on line retailers and available for order at over 25,000 physical retail locations. The book is available as a paperback as well as in the Amazon Kindle and PDF eBook format.

“We think Wanda’s book will be very successful,” said Baldwin.

Published by Bookstand Publishing Company

Includes: Personal journal activity pages, inspiration scriptures, and a corresponding copyright relationship prayers at the end of each chapter.


Copyright 2010 Resolved-2010, LLC. All rights reserved.

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