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Issues of the Heart - How to handle slander
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Does Early Childhood Christian Education Impact Young Children As Secular Education?
What are Some Consequences of Children's Unfulfilled Needs ?


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Issues of the Heart - How to handle slander

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Does Early Childhood Christian Education Impact Young Children As Secular Education?

Positive Impacts of Early Christian Education in Children

(Family and Christian Education)

As I reminisce the calculated thoughts of adult leaders, I am reminded that most adults judge from their own experiences or observations.  The educational system rely on a series of tangible evaluations to determine the validity of a child's knowledge and behaviors.  However, when it come to a child’s creditability (knowledge, comprehension, and application)  of his/her  Faith - and relationship with Jesus, some adults / leaders respond casually to substantiate his own authority in luau of the child’s age, limited knowledge of the child's Christian Education family history  / worship practices or the assumed  Christian Education level of the child. 
The times we are living in today mandated a rooted salvation and  is imperative that children are introduced and taught to build a progressive- personal  relationship with Jesus.

 I ponder the question: “ How is it possible that some professionals agree that children’s  cognitive and intellectual developments are enhanced through parental interactions during the prenatal stages  (through  voice/tone, touching - rubbing abdomen/ sensitivity, reading - language & vocabulary development)   which creates  advance comprehension  and  strong  intellectual abilities in the unborn child,  but when pertaining  to spiritual matters  ( such as the child’s sensitivity level  & his/her courage to openly proclaim  the Holy Spirit naming  Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior)  the child’s confession is denied?   People are seeking affirmation all over the world.  So much so that news reporters are sharing impacts from least to most.  All great leader will tell you that their success was credited to their faith.  It is very simple, the younger the child for commitment, greater the opportunities to utilize time for GREATNESS!   Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Scientist and Educator, George Washington Carver – openly credits their faith as a youth. 
 – Why would a Christian Leader procrastinate and hinder the planting and growth of such life changing – Eternal Seed in a young innocence child – before corruption?
Children and Families are experiencing tragedies everyday.  Many of these tragedies are sudden and seemly unbearable.  Usually a Clergy or Group Counselors are assigned to offer comfort and grieving support by connecting them to a religious founder, psychologist, or an author of a bestselling grieving book.
He that worship God, must worship him in spirit and in truth (John 4:24).  Know no man after the flesh, but after the spirit (2 Corinthians 5:16).  Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of heaven (Matthew 19:14). Let Him In (Revelation 3:20)
How can some Christians Leaders tell children to deny Christ now because you are to young in hope to embrace him later on when you are older?  When their hearts and minds are no longer interested and temptation is so much great?
God, our Father, and His Son, Jesus – do not know man or children by their ages, but by their spirit and heart toward him.   God knows the intents and motives of Man’s heart!  Innocence – “unrehearsed” ---   hearts of boys, girls, men, and women are what God desires to use.  One should consider the nature of the child who is proclaiming Jesus?  Humble, Peaceful, Arrogant, Disrespectful, and Violent?  I agree that Christ forgives all…. But we must not fail to remember that God does communicate with any quiet, sensitive spirit who desire and love him.   Don’t be mislead by individual personality types.    When a child publicly acknowledges Jesus as his/her savior – it is serious and could be very detrimental if a leader responded outside the character of Christ with rejection.  
I truly believe that the Holy Spirit knows all things.  He has given “HIMSELF” as a conclusive gift to be utilized by everyone, regardless of age to successfully survive  challenges and optical of life.  In other words, adults characterize the teen years as being most challenging for teens when expectations are high and adversities overwhelming.  It is during this period of life when teens face numerous private issues, who can they talk to when they are fearful and standing alone?  Who will give them the strength and courage to speak out?  To decide which group or situation to say “NO” to   OR  having the strength to expose wrong doers?   At this point , to a child/teen - just knowing God (the person, or who they heard talked about in church) is not enough!  They truly desire the need to talk to a friend, one whom they have a relationship with and above all, trust.   – The God that was denied of him/her when their hearts were tender and receptive.  Now that the teen has bonded with destructive peers, made some wrong choices to hide their pain – Now, everyone wants to gladly, forcefully, give him/her JESUS!  How would Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr respond to this?
Question is :  How might this tragedy  been avoided if the spiritual leader had embraced the child’s confession and provided ongoing - nurtured - spiritual growth to he/she and his/her family?
I remember many years ago, when I owned a Christian Preschool where biblical teaching  and devotion was part of our daily devotion.  One of our children suddenly died due to a fatal hidden illness.  This was our first experience to process this type of grief at a school of young children  and  I regretted having to greet and inform the children and parents the following day.  I prayed to God  for guidance in sharing such sad news effectively. As we began devotion, the Lord immediately gave me insight of how to handle this announcement.  We followed our normal routine with our standard bible questions -with so much joy, excitement, and praise!  That afternoon during pickup time, the children were anxious to share the news with their parents of the death of their friend/classmate.  Parents rushed to me saying,  “Ms. Wanda what is this about _______has gone up to heaven to be with God?”  There were absolutely “NO Tear” through out the day from anyone!  All the children played, ate, and slept as usual.  They actually made our day joyous!
IT IS IMPORTANT, ESSENTIAL , URGENT– to give children prenatal and early childhood Christian Education at home first.  Even if the child was born to unbelieving parents, it is still the authority and solvency of God to render prophetic callings as he pleases.  Greatness and Prophetic Callings throughout the bible  have always been initiated from  prenatal and birth of  leaders as children.   God ordains the path and journey for those he will pour into.
Don’t turn children away or deny them the ownership for beginning a successful life's journey, ….. They are going to NEED JESUS!
Resolved-2010, LLC  

What are Some Consequences of Children's Unfulfilled Needs ?

Consquences of Unfulfilled Needs

  • Want - An optional desire.  No danger for existing if left unfulfilled.  Emotional disappointment.

  • Need - Devastating consequences if not met.  All humans will seeks other options to fulfill void. 

5 - Researched Levels of  "Human Needs"  According to Abraham Maslow    
       Hierarchy of  Need. 

  1. Level One - Physiological Care : Food , Shelter,  Diet, Bed rest, Clothing, Health related issues 
  2. Level Two – Safety:  Respect, Discipline, Social Laws – rewards & consequences, Safe Home & School Environment, Bulling.
  3. Level Three- Social: Inclusion for home and school, Love, Respect, Accountability.
  4. Level Four-Esteem: Self worth, Praise & Encouragement, Positive Self Esteem, Physical Support.
  5. Level Five- Self Fulfillment / Actualization -Personal Achievement: Realizing personal potential.

If these NEEDS are not met, the child or individual will seek comfort from any other available source.

Read More:

Level One -   Physiological
Chapter 1:  Home Is Where the Heart Is
Level Two – Safety
Chapter 2:  Behavior Expectations for Effective Learning
Chapter 3: The School Handbook 
Chapter 6: Count Up the Cost – Social Laws
Level Three- Social
Chapter 4:  Handbook Scenario
Chapter 5:  Who Am I?
Level Four-Esteem
Chapter 3:  Homework, a Family Effort.      
Chapter 7: Parents: The Parents the Primary Career Coach
Level Five- Self Fulfillment / Actualization
Chapter 8:  Leadership in Action, Graduation

School Readiness       ISBN #   978-0-615-54346-8
and  Ingram Book Company.     


Parents Going To The School ( Parents, Teachers, and COOL DADS )

Parents | Teachers & COOL DADS 

Parents Going To School (Parents, Teachers, and COOL DADS) SCHOOL READINESS ·         Class schedule                                    
·        learning & Teaching Styles
·        Integrity
·        Compassion / Passion
                                                        ·        Communication / Availability
Many students are excited about planning their careers and  enrolIing in classes for that pathway.  Students become very frustrated when forced to take classes “they feel” do not connect with their goals and become less motivated for applying themselves.  Parents can be very instrumental in supervising students schedule and/or providing enrichment opportunities for connecting that professional area.  If parents ignore this issue and allow it to remain un-addressed, then classroom discipline, class participation, and delinquent assignments may escalate.
Parents must be able to identify the learning style of each child.  Children, parents, and teachers learn and study differently.  Once the learning style has been established, parents will understand how to guide children in their studies and how to effectively prepare for test.  School Readiness 

All Students are very sensitive to the integrity and passion level of their teacher(s).  Many students behave differently in the presence of authorities and parents; however, the students’ morals are reflected in he/she daily observations.   FAIRNESS and HONESTY will build or destroy any school environment!   Students may not always admit it, but they expect to be held accountable for their actions with unconditional love, fairness, and honesty.

After over twenty-five years ago, my son recently met one of my former students at his work place.  When my former student realized that my son was his teacher’s son, he said:  “She was hard, but she was fair.”  I guess you would have to be an educator to understand the sentiments of that statement.  I smiled with a warm feeling inside.

Whatever discrepancies a student my experience, unconditional love - accountability and inclusion will motivate them to success.  As you can see, a school day may include many obstacles, but TEAM work is the key!   Parents, educators, and students must work as “Genuine Partners” to address all academic, behavior, and physical needs of the students.  

READ MORE  in “School Readiness for Parents & Children, K-12.”  



 . . . .and make LEMONDADE

Happy, Happy Father's Day!

Click the link below and read the whole story.

HUMILITY + INTEGRITY = Phenomenon Character!

 HUMILITY + INTEGRITY = Phenomenon Character!

Many children have been raised to feel that certain public accomplishments are the ultimate fulfillment of life; especially those of public acclamation.  Later in life, you will realize that your most valuable and productive moments were those of an average day with friends and relatives whose talents and accomplishment were yet processing.  God has a way of equalizing insecurities (false security) so that our focus return and remain in him, with a heart of humility toward our fellowman.   Humility and Integrity is the greatest showcase of genuine THANKSGIVING; our truest form of Godly Worship.  We should never become mislead by friends in our society and assume their expectations for judging “the assumed” short comings of others.   God and education should polish our behavior for the journey of un- expectancy and the people we meet.  Parents, guardians, and mentors share these expectations.   At the end of the day, as we face life most critical crisis, we will remember that it was the love, friends, and kind words that we cherish most.”  The fall is not as great when we are on our knees.      

HUMILITY + INTEGRITY = Phenomenon Character!



What Matters Most to PARENTS?

What Matters Most to Parents ?

(1.)  Speak the language that .... C A R E S
(2.)  Parents - Stressed Beyond!

Every parent long to hear comforting words of instructions from a voice  they love and trust.

Give Thanks .... and Be Thankful ! ~ FAMILY

I would like to take this opportunity to share my thankfulness to God and you - for all that he has provided. It is during these holiday times that everyone is encouraged to share with the homeless and those who are less fortunate. It amazes me how family members within our own circles are left to do without, uncovered. Maybe, it is because the praise for doing so is not as commercialized and comes with little to no benefits (tax deductions) for having family attachments. Family support and support to people we know is most profitable; it affects Generations! Could the denial of familiar assistance be contributing to the breakdown of families? There are occasions when parents volunteer with their children's class, group, and organization - the parent is immediately placed with a different group of children, leaving his/her child alone. Are we missing the point here? Could parent and child not partner to nurture the group as well as the parent provide a mentor shadowing opportunity for his/her child (training up a child)? What a legacy this could be! Yes, I am all for families, FAMILY - FIRST......   My belief is that HEROES should be acknowledged and modeled in the family first. . . . Then duplication of service(s) will become more sincere and numerous.  
                                                 Never, never stop giving and sharing.
                            Those closest to us should also agree that we are their HERO!
                                                 Happy, Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!
More Information:


Because He First Loved Me!
I have read this passage so many times before and have heard it preached just as much.  Believe me when I tell you that in today’s society,  sincere relationships are in the minor and are of high demand !  There is a frightening edge to assuming motives, integrity, honesty, and provision.  Conversations must be strategic, intentional,and confirmed.  Much of what we do must be guided by a power “greater than ourselves.”   How can we trust the voice of a stranger or have confidence in the familiar?   Somehow, “Because HE first Loved Me”   always breathe a fresh morning fragrance to begin any day! 
Demonstrated love, commitment, desires, and goals can be easily followed; In turn becomes a “Product of a Resolved Lifestyle.”    
How are you pursuing your resolved lifestyle? 
Buy Now and read more in the Best Seller: 
"UnResolved, The Blessings of A Resolved Lifestye"

Struggling Teens

Struggling Teens
"Behavior: Chemical or Emotional ?"
 Many, many years ago I remember teaching a wonderful classroom of students.  One male student was very respectful, but it was always a challenge to remind him each morning to not sleep during first period class.  He would comply.  Several years after him graduating, I met him in a local store and we began reflecting on many school events and positive class conversations.   He then asked me, Ms Prowell, “Do you remember when I was always so sleepy during your first period class?”  I answered, yes.  He said, “Ms. Prowell - I was drunk.”    I was totally taken.  He (now an adult) assured me that he and his family were all well now.   I must ask you, the reader- as parents and educators,  “What service options  are we providing students for getting back on track when their  behavior and conduct  has become repeatedly  irrational , unpredictable,   and progressive?”  Is it possible that the child could be experiencing chemical dependence?  Because they are minors, are there any Pro-Active treatment options available BEFORE a crime is committed?  Most employers have a clause in their company’s policy that allows employees to enter voluntary treatment and after successful completion, are able to return to work.   Our youth face many family and relationship obstacles.  Their classroom misbehavior  may not just be a discipline problem!  They may NEED help that only a caring system/organization could recognize and advocate assistance.  
 Read more in "School Readiness for Parents & Children,
You cannot deal with a teen’s other emotional problems, nor can they if they are self-medicating with alcohol, pot, cocaine, inhalants, crystal meth or other drugs until first they get clean and sober. After detox and rehab, it is important they keep in a 12-step recovery program like AA and NA where they learn new behavior and a new, disciplined, spiritual and honest way of dealing with themselves and others.