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Education Reform Isn’t A 4-Letter Word
School Schedules and Working Parents
Does Early Childhood Christian Education Impact Young Children As Secular Education?
What are Some Consequences of Children's Unfulfilled Needs ?


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Happy, Happy Father's Day!

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HUMILITY + INTEGRITY = Phenomenon Character!

 HUMILITY + INTEGRITY = Phenomenon Character!

Many children have been raised to feel that certain public accomplishments are the ultimate fulfillment of life; especially those of public acclamation.  Later in life, you will realize that your most valuable and productive moments were those of an average day with friends and relatives whose talents and accomplishment were yet processing.  God has a way of equalizing insecurities (false security) so that our focus return and remain in him, with a heart of humility toward our fellowman.   Humility and Integrity is the greatest showcase of genuine THANKSGIVING; our truest form of Godly Worship.  We should never become mislead by friends in our society and assume their expectations for judging “the assumed” short comings of others.   God and education should polish our behavior for the journey of un- expectancy and the people we meet.  Parents, guardians, and mentors share these expectations.   At the end of the day, as we face life most critical crisis, we will remember that it was the love, friends, and kind words that we cherish most.”  The fall is not as great when we are on our knees.      

HUMILITY + INTEGRITY = Phenomenon Character!



What Matters Most to PARENTS?

What Matters Most to Parents ?

(1.)  Speak the language that .... C A R E S
(2.)  Parents - Stressed Beyond!

Every parent long to hear comforting words of instructions from a voice  they love and trust.

Why Have We Released Healthy Relationships to Match Making Media?

Why Have We Released Healthy Couples
to Match Making Media?

Remember the days when healthy married couples and other stable single adults were anxious to invite single individuals over for dinner or a special  group outing just so they could connect "like minds" and "character?"

These were single individuals whom they admired.  Most of all, over a period of time, they were able to observe their character, integrity,  ethics  and religious traits over a period of time.  In addition to this knowledge, also understood each's present and long term goals, and marital status. What happened to these kind hearted, caring friends?                                       
Questions to reminisce:

 1.  Could you introduce a close friend to someone whom you believe may acquire a more       financial and nourishing relationship than the one you presently have?
2.   What personal risk do you feel people take when they consult online dating?
3.   Would you introduce a friend to an individual whom you knew would be devastating 
      to each others future?

In all honesty, online match making could really prove to be successful, but it is always at the risk and honesty of the applicants.  An "assumption" is presumed for an expected lifestyles, and online match making makes it easier for applicants to submit  information the person desires to hear, rather than what one is able to deliver.  

What is your take on this?
Who do you trust?

UnResolved, The Blessings of a Resolved Lifestyle


Because He First Loved Me!
I have read this passage so many times before and have heard it preached just as much.  Believe me when I tell you that in today’s society,  sincere relationships are in the minor and are of high demand !  There is a frightening edge to assuming motives, integrity, honesty, and provision.  Conversations must be strategic, intentional,and confirmed.  Much of what we do must be guided by a power “greater than ourselves.”   How can we trust the voice of a stranger or have confidence in the familiar?   Somehow, “Because HE first Loved Me”   always breathe a fresh morning fragrance to begin any day! 
Demonstrated love, commitment, desires, and goals can be easily followed; In turn becomes a “Product of a Resolved Lifestyle.”    
How are you pursuing your resolved lifestyle? 
Buy Now and read more in the Best Seller: 
"UnResolved, The Blessings of A Resolved Lifestye"

Struggling Teens

Struggling Teens
"Behavior: Chemical or Emotional ?"
 Many, many years ago I remember teaching a wonderful classroom of students.  One male student was very respectful, but it was always a challenge to remind him each morning to not sleep during first period class.  He would comply.  Several years after him graduating, I met him in a local store and we began reflecting on many school events and positive class conversations.   He then asked me, Ms Prowell, “Do you remember when I was always so sleepy during your first period class?”  I answered, yes.  He said, “Ms. Prowell - I was drunk.”    I was totally taken.  He (now an adult) assured me that he and his family were all well now.   I must ask you, the reader- as parents and educators,  “What service options  are we providing students for getting back on track when their  behavior and conduct  has become repeatedly  irrational , unpredictable,   and progressive?”  Is it possible that the child could be experiencing chemical dependence?  Because they are minors, are there any Pro-Active treatment options available BEFORE a crime is committed?  Most employers have a clause in their company’s policy that allows employees to enter voluntary treatment and after successful completion, are able to return to work.   Our youth face many family and relationship obstacles.  Their classroom misbehavior  may not just be a discipline problem!  They may NEED help that only a caring system/organization could recognize and advocate assistance.  
 Read more in "School Readiness for Parents & Children,
You cannot deal with a teen’s other emotional problems, nor can they if they are self-medicating with alcohol, pot, cocaine, inhalants, crystal meth or other drugs until first they get clean and sober. After detox and rehab, it is important they keep in a 12-step recovery program like AA and NA where they learn new behavior and a new, disciplined, spiritual and honest way of dealing with themselves and others.   

Intentional Parenting for ....BACK TO SCHOOL !

 Parent Involvement
Guidance | Confidence | Positive - Results | Peace of  Mind | Student Achievement | Inclusion |Results
(I want to hear from you)
Have you ever had a challenge and needed another voice to intervene by relaying the same facts as you stated, but in a different  voice,  from another perspective……   and they HEARD IT?   It really happens…….  Try It Today ….  Silent reading is a WINNER!
IMPACT your school open house this year with INTENTIONAL PLANNING……  
ORDER Copies for your group today and begin building awesome parenting relationships ! 
Successful Families are our greatest investment!
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“School Readiness for Parents & Children, K-12”  
What was the greatest challenge for you and your student last school year?       
What Fears do you have for the forth coming school year?
Remember:  The teachers are your friends, let them help.

Family Literacy WorkShops

Believe it or not, no matter how wonderful and effective the presenter’s message and activities may be a great number of adults / parents may be offended just by personal feelings of rejection  “not being a good parent.”  I remember back in the days when I  heard many parents admitted in front of their children, their inadequacies  and lack of opportunity as a child for not  getting a good education.  Many things they didn’t learn; therefore would readily correct and demand diligence from their children for a better life.  Very few people are admitting any inadequacy  in today’s society.  Most of the reading materials are not written in a format that holds the attention of the parents who need it most, and a quick read.  It is impossible to relate to a parent or anyone who feels offended or inadequate.  Therefore, the approach must be “relationship focused” more so than teaching focused, or "telling focused."  Environment and facilitator / teacher are “key” for a successful parenting program.  Local church facilities could be an awesome location for familiarity, coupled with a “professional - humanitarian facilitator. “  All parent reading materials should be simple and loving  in language and relevant to their everyday challenges and experiences.  Most of the time, the information that is given to the parent who needs it most, language is “over their head” and does not connect.  That could be why certain “unprofitable – non classroom connecting - written materials” are read more frequently.  Most youth and adults are reading, question is: What are they reading?  My experience has been that approach is a very valuable resource for effective parenting.  Like the children, once a relationship has been earned, learning and advancement occurs for the entire family.  I strongly suggest (1) Availability of selective short, to the point, real life reading materials (2) Series of short “follow up” relating FREE speaker’s topics / films - with ending refreshment & fellowship (3) Give parents options for continued communication.  (4)  Teacher / staff do general “How are you doing?”  How can I assist you type follow up calls – Customer service.  Most importantly - respect the scheduling and time of the parents when planning such events. Always start on time and end on time, regardless of the number in attendance.    Read more in “School Readiness for Parents & Children, K-12    

From A Classroom Teacher - “SCHOOL READINESS – 2013” and Abraham Maslow !

 Chapter by chapter guidance is crucial for adults understanding the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs of  children, regardless of their ages.  All humans have the same needs.  It is urgent that parents and caregivers are able to differentiate needs vs. wants and understand the consequences for not meeting a human’s needs.  School Readiness for Parents & children, K-12 gives chapter by chapter, school life- answers according to Child Psychologist - Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.
 LifeLONG  Benefits: School Readiness for Parents & Children, K-12   
Peace of Mind |Student Achievement | Confidence |Solutions | Results
 Level One -   Physical care of children:  Diet, Bed rest, Clothing – dress code &essentials, Health issues and medication guidelines.
Chapter 1:  Home Is Where the Heart Is
Level Two Social-Safety: Etiquettes, Respect, Discipline, Social Laws – rewards & consequences
Chapter 2:  Behavior Expectations for Effective Learning
 Chapter 3: The School Handbook 
 Chapter 6: Count Up the Cost – Social Laws
Level Three-Emotional: Low self esteem, Positive self esteem, Needing to Fit In, Needs vs.Wants
Chapter4:  Handbook Scenario
Chapter 5:  Who Am I?
Level Four-Intellectual: Parenting, Mentor, Career planning, Networking
Chapter 3:  Homework, a Family Effort.      
 Chapter 7: Parents: The Parents the Primary Career Coach
Level Five- Self Actualization -Personal Achievement: Realizing personal potential, self-fulfillment, seeking personal growth and peak experiences. Helping others to achieve self actualization
Chapter 8:  Leadership in Action, Graduation
 For more information


1. Authenticate and own me publically.
2. Always tell me the truth.
3. Include me in family & private events. Call me regularly-(that means
    you love me).
3. Insist that I respect my mother.
4. Mentor me to be treated as a lady or to act as a gentlemen.
5. Take me to church with your family and sometime everyone
    could visit my church.
6. Be my leader: Provide for me and teach me discipline and the value
    of work.
7. YOU, Never disrespect my mama!
8. Please don't sleep over in our house -  if you are married!
9.  Treat me and all of my siblings fairly, regardless of your relationship
     with their mother(s).
10. Help me to respect and love my Daddy.
Read more:  "Unresolved, The Blessings of A Resolved Lifestyle"