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In an effort to collaborate the essence of Family and Community Literacy, I am extending a FREE invitation to your school district to help us showcase (individual display tables) YOUR outside of the box -  vision for - what a future   Falcon’s FAMILY LITERACY – home could look like for lifelong learning and cultural diversities for  each  grade level school.  



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 HEALED - Author, Linda Raleigh Lane at

Father's Child Ministry - Edward Yeates at   www.fatherschild.comAUTHOR, Steve Jamison,
Our Message is Clear –

Strong families are not magical; they require making tough decisions.  Strong families must be committed, honest, respectful, fair, and give unconditional love regardless of race, gender, or creed. When life seem unbearable, the family should be a safe haven.  The truth is, we can’t go it alone.  The “village” is our own homes, too, not just the cities, even countries, where we live.      Excerpt:  FAMILY REUNION
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