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  Beyond the Baggage
Can you drive a car forward with your foot on the brakes?
              That's how life can be - trying to move forward with unresolved issues.
RESOLVE and move forward to a healthy lifestyle.


The Blessings of A ReSolved Lifestyle
MOVE FORWARD!  Includes: Personal journaling activity pages, inspiration scriptures, and a corresponding copyright relationship prayer at the end of each chapter.  BUY NOW!
As Wanda’s Pastor for more than 18 years,  I watched her face many personal and family challenges that could have destroyed her. However, through her abiding faith in God, I watched her live out the principles she sets forth in this book. Wanda never allowed her personal challenges to lessen her desire to serve God and her fellowman.

It is exciting and rewarding to me as a pastor, to witness her success as an overcoming Christian as she has turned her adversities into a clear pathway for others to follow.
Pastor S. Jamison
Columbus, Mississippi

"Unresolved...The Blessing of a Resolved Lifestyle"Posted -Barnesandnoble &, August 24, 2010, 5:48 AM EST:
 A must read that will open the reader's eyes. The author wrote, "The goal of this book is to enlighten and remind the reader a successful life cannot be processed quickly as if it was a microwave meal. Instead, sometimes life is comparable to cooking in a crock pot; a hot, slow, and uncertain process." This book guides the reader from a state of unresolved issues in his or her life to a point where he or she can move forward to a resolved state of contentment and peace. It provides a road map to move from an unresolved state to a resolved state. The reader is taken on a journey through such issues as unforgiveness (how to forgive and move forward); developmental stages and events in our early years and their impact on us today; implications of telling the truth versus lies; and resilience and peace. These are just some of the areas of discussion because the book covers much more. It was written as a tool to be used in Christian Education Programs and as a means for teaching Christian education. If you have challenges praying, don't worry, each chapter has a sample prayer and worksheet for the different stages in a person's life. The author's intent is to provide a road map to assist, guide, and lead an individual with moving forward from unresolved issues in his/her life to a resolved life filled with blessings.
R. Rice
Conyers, Georgia

Thursday, November 25, 2010 at 2:18am
 Posted August 16, 2010, 4:59 PM EST:
Unresolved : The Blessings of a Resolved Lifestyle is a superb woven tapestry of love and relationships in the greatest capacity with a solid biblical foundation. Whether the relationship is between parent and child or a bittersweet romantic interest, the author grasps the negative deception and heartbreak. Then it is reciprocated into an awakening experience to grow the reader closer to his/her first true love, Jesus Christ. This book is great for personal use or church ministry with personal prayers and a convenient note taking section. The author, Wanda J.R. Prowell encourages the reader to know they are not alone with relationship hurdles. With a few of her life experiences sprinkled so delicately throughout the novel, the reader will become emotionally involved, learn a thing or two, and experience the astounding moment of "Ah-ha! I told you so!" which make this a book hard to put down. I was genuinely inspired as a daughter, mother, and wife. Cheers to you, Wanda! I am enthusiastically anticipating your next book.
Review from Nichole
Starkville, Mississippi 

Unresolved, The Blessings of a ReSolved Lifestyle
Wanda, as previously stated. I just recently received your book from my mom. It is an absolutely a  profound book. When I started to read, just the preface gripped my very soul. Please continue to Let God use you for His Glory. Out of your belly(heart) is flowing rivers of Living Water!   Love you,
Review from G. Porter
Detroit, Michigan

Joan - Castaic, California 
Wanda, The book is really well written and I can tell it was carefully thought out. I haven't finished it yet. I belong to this women's Christian group and I'm meeting with them next month. I'm bringing the book with me. I also suggested it in my women's bible study meeting. Still progressing through it. 
Review from J. W. 
 Castaic, California 

"UnResolved The Blessings of a Resolved Lifestyle" book is a spirtual motivational book from the first chapter to the very last chapter.
Review from D. W.
Columbus, Mississippi


West Point, Mississippi for "UnReSolved, The Blessings of A ReSolved Lifestyle.
Pastor Brown  Reports
"Wanda, UnResolved is the result of decades of secular and Christian education. The experiences of the educator turned author is well documented."
 Pastor Brown
West Point, Mississippi
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